Alex Schafran: Collected Writings (and more)

Writer, planner, geographer, educator, researcher

Over the past two decades, my writing has focused on housing, racial (re)segregation, and the broader politics of urbanization. Rooted in California, my work ranges from historical analysis of vexing problems to new ways of thinking about economics and housing policy.

The Spatial Contract (2020)
This is the cover of a book titled "The Spatial Contract."

Housing. Water. Energy. Transport. Food. Education. Health care. The spatial contract is about ensuring these systems are built, maintained and available to all who need them, in big cities and small towns all around the world.

Buy the book or read a blog post by the co-authors on how the spatial contract can shed light on the COVID-19 crisis in America.

The Road to Resegregation (2019)
This is the cover of a book titled "The Road to Resegregation."

Chronicling more than a half century of Northern California history, The Road to Resegregation is the first book to examine the region’s housing crisis comprehensively. In a wide-ranging story that takes the reader from Silicon Valley to the Central Valley, from priveleged suburbs and gentrifying cities to far-flung exurbs, the book examines how and why one of the wealthiest and most progressive places in the United States became an epicenter of a new form of racial segregation.

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Housing Vulnerability Analysis

Housing Vulnerability Analysis is a new method for organizations and jurisdictions to understand how vulnerable their residents are to displacement of any kind.

Developed together with the Oakland Community Land Trust and colleagues, it begins by thinking about housing tenure – the different legal relationships people have with their homes. Housing tenure is more than just renting and owning, and understanding vulnerability starts with understanding tenure.

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