The Spatial Contract at SJSU: Video + Text

Much has happened to all of us over the past two years. Somehow during this time I released a new book, but it was never a good time to really discuss it publicly. Now it is, and I am excited to present my first solo talk about my 2020 book, The Spatial Contract, which occurred on Thursday, November 18th at 12:30 Pacific.

The book is an exploration of how to make a more effective politics of housing, transportation and other systems, so that we can actually have the equity and sustainability we’ve been talking about for decades.

This event was hosted by the Institute for Metropolitan Studies (IMS) at San Jose State, where I am excited to be a Visiting Scholar. I was honored to have the inimitable Miriam Chion as a discussant, with IMS Director Gordon Douglas as host.

The video is embedded below. You may also view it directly in YouTube. A text of the transcript is here. A PDF of the slides with text is here (large file).

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