Economics + Theory

Economics + Theory

I’ve always considered myself a writer and thinker first and a researcher second. While I often struggle with the unspoken rules of theory, and the at-times impenetrable language, the need to write at the more foundational level of ideas is too tempting to pass up. The Spatial Contract is the best example of this kind of work, but this book was built on the backs of other pieces.



2018 Alex Schafran, Conor McDonald, Ernesto Lopez-Morales, Nihan Akyelken & Michele Acuto, Replacing the Services Sector and Three-Sector Theory: Urbanization and Control as Economic Sectors, Regional Studies, DOI: 10.1080/00343404.2018.1464136

Urban Theory

2018 Confessions of an unlikely theorist, in M. Grubbauer & K. Shaw (eds) Across Theory and Practice: Thinking Through Urban Research, Berlin: Jovis

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2014 Alex Schafran. Debating urban studies in 23 steps, City, 18(3), pp. 321-330

Is urbanization an economic sector?

One of my most ambitious academic articles is a 2018 piece in the journal Regional Studies. I’d long been frustrated with the way in which economics and economic theory deals with urbanization. The making and remaking of human settlements – building and maintaining them, providing them with food and water and energy, all the things…

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