Housing Vulnerability Analysis

Evictions. Foreclosures. Disasters. Rising taxes. Rising insurance costs. Unsafe conditions. Overcrowding.

Sadly, there are many different ways in which people can lose their homes.

In recent years, I have led a collaborative project with housing activists and academics which aims to develop a new means of assessing housing vulnerability, which can vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. 

Housing Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) is a straightforward method for understanding the degree to which any given housing tenure in a community is vulnerable to displacement. The HVA project website introduces this analysis, provides an initial pilot example for the City of Oakland, and provides general guidance to the housing community who are interested in developing more nuanced and complete protections for existing residents.

Click here to visit the Housing Vulnerability Analysis website, which includes results from the Oakland, CA pilot study. You can also read about HVA in this roundtable in Shelterforce.

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